1 in 3 Black women* suffer from scalp irritation while wearing braids – we deserve better alternatives!

The most comfortable braiding hair you'll ever wear

  • Plastic-free, Plant-based

    Free from plastic and animal-derived products, Kynd Hair is made from plant-based, vegan ingredients. 

  • Non-toxic & Itch-free

    Toxic chemicals do not belong on your head! Get ready for braiding hair that's itch-free and friendly to your scalp and hair.

  • Biodegradable

    Let's put an end to all that plastic hair waste! Kynd Hair is compostable and biodegrades after use.


Kynd Braids are reusable. After removing the hair, simply gather them into a few large braids, place them in a laundry bag, and include them in your next laundry cycle at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Use a gentle detergent and an organic fabric softener and for optimal care.


Kynd Hair can withstand heat styling up to 220° Celsius. Use a curling or a straightening iron to shape the hair into your desired curl pattern. Just like human hair, Kynd Hair holds curls temporarily but not permanently.

No pre-washing

No need to rinse Kynd Hair in apple cidre vinegar or rinse it at all. You can use it straight from the pack.

Responsibly made

Kynd Hair is responsibly produced in small batches. We carefully select all our raw materials to meet the highest quality and safety standards and use resource-saving, sustainable production processes.