Our story

"Like many Black women, I started using synthetic hair in my early childhood. I was five years old, when my parents brought me to a braider for the first time.

​During my studies, I became more and more passionate about sustainability and health. I started questioning many of my lifestyle choices – one of them being synthetic hair. I wanted to know exactly what the hair was made of. Shocked by my findings, I decided to rethink hair extensions and develop a new solution. One that would prioritize health and sustainability while also offering maximum functionality. After receiving a research grant, I finally found the courage to quit my job and go all in with Kynd Hair."


Our purpose

Approximately 53% of Black women* use synthetic hair. Yet, conventional braiding hair is made from toxic chemicals. 1 in 3 users suffer from itching and scalp irritations. Additionally plastic hair is not recyclable – leading to millions of kilograms of plastic waste every year. The majority of that waste ends up in our environment and our oceans, polluting the planet's ecosystems. Our purpose is to finally provide a skin- and environmentally- friendly alternative, that is made with your true needs in mind.

  • Quality

    At Kynd, we believe no one should have to compromise between health and hair style. That's why we carefully select our ingredients to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

  • Sustainability

    We care deeply about our planet and the climate, which is why we're dedicated to sustainable, eco-friendly production methods, opting solely for plant-based, biodegradable materials.

  • Kyndness

    We commit to being kind. From the sourcing of raw materials to production, packaging, workplace culture and partnerships. We believe in fairness, respect and transparency.

Changing the industry, braid by braid

Kynd Hair was created to change the hair extensions industry – braid by braid. We envision a future in which non-toxic, sustainable and fairly produced hair extensions are the norm.

Our mission

Our mission is to create the most sustainable, fair and functional hair extensions and make them available and accessible for the global Black community, while empowering and educating around the subject of Black hair.